The Co-Founders Roadshow

The Co-Founders Roadshow

The Co-Founders Roadshow

Hello Everyone! Every Startup Knows, team is very important for startup success. We come up with idea for team building i.e “The Co-founders Roadshow” to host series of meetups at all coworking spaces. Let’s Meet passionate team to share your startup goals.

Pitch, Connect, Collaborate to welcome great team in your startup. It is informal meetup to start discussion on one topic for some time and lead the team discussion as moderator.
Topics like Pitch Deck for Investors, Idea Validation, Business Model, Go To Market Strategy, Funding, Mentoring, etc Resources.

Important, Will Announce Your Requirement from Tech, Marketing, Investment, Content, Creatives, UX, Digital Marketing, etc Needs..

Meet New People, Increase Your Network, Get more support. Networking is key to scale your startup journey.

Note: Your Startup Introduction should be complete within 90 seconds.
Start With Your Introduction – Who you are | What you do | What you are looking for.


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