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Shibaram Mishra

Founder, Buzet Web Digital​

Shibaram is an Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer by profession.

When someone asks Shibaram, “what do you do?”, he replies, “I help people and business grow”.

Shibaram is an IIM Certified Digital Marketer with 20+ years of experience in web, software development, business development and digital marketing, Shibaram had the opportunity to work with 300+ small business owners as well as national and international organizations like Coca Cola, Airtel, United Nations.

Way back in 2007 when paid advertising was yet to come, Shibaram had generated more than 300 leads of Investors for Govt Of Odisha, out of which 70 signed up with close to more than a Million of Dollars of Investment.

Currently helping many organizations (mainly ecom and b2b) grow

  • Wholesaller.com – Monthly revenue of 1 Cr

  • Jaipur Fabric – B2C and B2B Monthly revenue of  50 lakhs

  • Hello Kids (650+ franchise)

  • Have helped ecom startups scale 5 lakhs in revenue in 6 months (ecom)

  • Lead Generation for B2B companies and lead nurturing for better conversions

Specialises in Smarketing, Lead Generation and Ecom Sales

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